Friday, 12 July 2013

Walking down memory lane ...

So yesterday after Mike (my boyfriend) got off work, we decided to stop by Freak Lunchbox to pick up some sweets. I only had one thing in mind: chocolate. As it is that time of the month (sorry, TMI!) my craving for chocolate went through the roof.

 Look at all these lollipops!

Candy station!

As I was looking for some Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate (dark chocolates are my fave!), I wandered to the back corner of the store and saw these:

OMG! It was like I was a kid all over again. They are what I grew up with!

These chocolate-strawberry cups are the best!

And these! I don't know how to read Japanese and I can only imagine what it says .. (probably something like "try us! take us home! we are delicious!" lol)

It contains some yummy pocky sticks, chocolate dip, and these delicious sprinkles.

Pocky heaven 

 Step 1: Dip!

Step 2: More dipping!

Step 3: Enjoy! 

These are so delicious and I highly recommend you to try it if you ever get a chance to run into one of these!

Meiji makes THE BEST snacks ever! I went to Japan last summer and if I could take all their snacks home with me I would. They really know their stuff when it comes to treats!

PS. Have anyone ever tried these?

I loveeeee bacon and I also loveeeee mayo. But together? I don't know! What do you think?

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