Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friend, my partner in crime, my other half, my love! You're 22! :) I am so thankful for you. I hope you have the best day ever (and you will :) I made a dinner reservation at your favourite restaurant ;) hahaha) I love you babe xoxo

Monday, 30 December 2013

Goodbye 2013

As 2013 is coming to an end, I wanted to start a series that I can do every single year. I like to analyze myself, reflect, and look back to this year and see how far I've come and what I've accomplished internally. Next year, I will come back to this post and see if I have changed into a better me or stayed the same. You will be surprised by how much you can change in a year! (Like how much I hated the movie Elf last year and this year I've seen it about 7 times from November to December and it's officially my all-time favourite christmas movie (next to the Home Alone series and the Santa Claus series, duh). LOL who would have guess? If you told me this last xmas I would not have believed you! Life is so funny that way.) There are many many things I don't like about myself that I'd like to change because I know that once I do I will be much happier. Realizing what you want to change in yourself is the first step towards reaching your goal and being where you want to be, don't you think? :) So without further ado, here are somethings that identify me as me in 2013:

In 2013, I am ...

- lazy (hello, nice to meet you. I am Queen Procrastination!)

- sometimes selfish

- mostly impatient

- sometimes too uptight

- inconsistent

- sometimes a bit melodramatic

But also in 2013,

- Mike and I have become a lot closer as a couple. We are the happiest we've ever been in our 3 going on 4 years of our relationship.

- I've learned that if I really put my mind and work really really hard on something, I can do it. Not just that, I can do it REALLY, REALLY well. (hello, my first A+ in university!)

- I've learned to cook! Yes, no more cereals and instant oatmeals. I've actually spend quite some time in the kitchen this year - learning how to make different dishes. I'm so proud of myself haha if you knew me personally you'll know I don't even know how to boil eggs properly! This is such a milestone for me haha I am so excited :)

For the new year 2014,

- I would like to be more active in my life. Yes, I want to erase the word lazy permanently from my vocabulary. I will not procrastinate. I will be active in my academic career (starting my assignments early and NOT 2 days or a day before it is due!!! I am THE WORST for this.) I will also be active physically. No more procrastinating in working out ("I'll start going to the gym Monday." *missed Monday* "oh, I'll start NEXT Monday." STORY.OF.MY.LIFE.)

- I will not be selfish. I think this can be a hard one for some. People like to tell you to "put yourself first". That is true in a way, but sometimes you need to put other people's needs before your own. You need to be more considerate of other's feelings. We are all human and we are all equal. No one is better than another. We have to be more kind to each other. We have to be selfless.

- I need to have more patience. I need to understand that not everything is going to go at my pace (once again, linked to "selfishness"). I need to be more open and understanding :)

- I need to let loose more in my life! Sometimes I'm too serious and uptight. I need to relax and be silly and most importantly, I need to learn how to poke fun at myself and laugh along with whatever humour life brings!

- I have to be consistent. Being consistent leads to being hard working. I am going to be graduating this coming Spring and that means I will be going into the real world. The working, career-woman, big girl world. I need to learn how to be consistent with myself. This is difficult for me as there are plenty of times I've given up on things that I've started and never really finishing it because I've let my laziness or fear of failing get in the way.

- And lastly, to be less melodramatic. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. Sometimes I like to blow things out of proportion, freak myself out and create problems that aren't there in the first place by simply thinking too much. I need to stop overthinking and putting thoughts inside my head. I need to stop freaking myself out for absolutely no reason.

So here are some of my final thoughts for this year 2013. Farewell, you have taught me a lot. Here I am, at the end of the year ... a 21 year old girl, who is still confuse about life and who she wants to be and what she wants to do after she graduate. But I am also a 21 year old girl, who is so blessed with an amazing family who constantly have my back and always believe in me. I can't wait for what 2014 will bring me. I can't wait for what 2014 will bring you! I hope you guys had a great 2013 and thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking time to read my blog :) You have found me for a reason and I hope that I can help you, whoever you are and wherever you are in the world, through my blog. Until next time,

from Film with love xx

Sunday, 29 December 2013

2013 in pictures ...

I'd like to share some random and some of my favourite photos each month of the year, 2013! Enjoy :) x


HAPPY NEW YEARS 2013! I screenshot this right when the clock strikes 12 on Jan 1!

 The night before my winter semester in uni starts, I slipped and fell and scraped my shin pretty bad I needed to go to the ER and got 4 stitches. Yup, this is my first time I've ever had stitches mind you, I was not impressed.


 Valentine's Day 2013 :) My first Edible Arrangement. I wasn't disappointed! :)

The MAC Marilyn Monroe collection also came out. The only thing I bought was this lipstick that I am still obsessed with until today!


We went on a construction site to see our new place we were moving into. I wanted to keep that hot pink helmet haha who knew construction can be trĂ©s chic?

I dyed my hair the darkest shade of brown this month. I naturally have really really dark hair (almost black) so this was almost as close to my natural hair colour as it can be. I don't normally dyed it this dark, but for some reason this month I decided I missed my dark hair.


My birthday present from my friend, Jessica! She works at MAC now as a makeup artist and we both have a huge passion for makeup! :)

At the end of April-beginning of May, we were given the clearance to move into our new place! We finally got the keys to our apartment after a year of waiting. We were so happy!


This is our view from the roof of our new place! Breathtaking <3

And I celebrate the first night of moving in by taking a much needed and long awaited bubble bath


It's officially summertime and I love that we have a balcony that I can tan on. Charlie likes to tan as well haha

We went out to a restaurant on the harbour one night. It was absolutely beautiful and the weather was amazing. I snapped this beautiful sunset and city/skyline with my phone of the city.


Me rocking my red and white on Canada Day (July 1)

And we went to a beach once that month. We don't go that often because it's always too crowded as you can see from the background haha


Poor little Charlie got sick so he had to wear the cone of shame for almost a month!

We took an end-of-summer vacation to PEI (my first time there!). This was taken on their famous red sand beach. I want to take my whole family to PEI when they come to Canada for my graduation. It is such an amazing vacation place and I loved it!


I went lighter again with my hair and this is my 'Brat' beanie appreciation pic. I'm obsessed.

This month, I also interned for the Special Events team for the Atlantic Film Festival. I had to make flower arrangements and table and entrance decor. This masterpiece you see is the entrance to the Opening Night Gala. This is my biggest flower arrangement, my decor, my idea. I received so much praise and compliments and I was really, really proud :)


Next to Christmas, Halloween is one of my favourite holiday ever! This year Mike dressed up as a Muskateer (he took pride in growing his moustache since the summer), Charlie is a little dinosaur or dragon (we couldn't decide), and I was a flight attendant :) (We always say we were going to dress up matching as a couple but we never ever do!)

Charlie the dinosaur/dragon


I dyed my hair bright red (the reddest I've ever been) and I loveeeee it!

We started decorating our place for christmas. This is our bedroom. I am obsessed with fairy lights. And I also had a baby white and pink christmas tree on my night stand :)


This is my favourite pic of Charlie and I. We had a mini photo shoot one day and I was able to capture many silly faces Charlie always make. I friggin' love him!

Our little family on christmas morning. This pic sums up the whole year. It has all of us, my little family, and our silliness.

Thank you so much for taking time and journey back through this year with me! Until next time :) from Film with love, xx

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Merry Christmas 2013!

I know it's December 28 and that means I am 3 days late but I wanted to say it anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you all have the best christmas ever, filled with love and joy and fun and food with your family and loved ones! I would like to share some Christmasy photos with you all and I hope you enjoy them! I had a very low-key Christmas this year since it's just my little family (my boyfriend and my puppy and I) and overall it was really really nice :) I am a bit depressed that Christmas is now over because this is my absolute favourite holiday and you can bet that I will be leaving my xmas tree up until at least the end of January (I don't care. I'll drag it out till Valentine's Day if I can!)

Once again, Merry Christmas! (Happy Hanukkah if you don't celebrate christmas) and I hope you enjoy these pics! :)

This is our official 2013-edition Christmas tree. Yep, with the lopsided star topper and all. We had a white tree (with all blue lights) the past 2 years since we've been living together. This year is our first "real" (green) tree and I love it :)

 My boyfriend Mike, my 2 year old morkie pup Charlie and I on Christmas morning!

 Mike in his new hoodie from Santa and me with my Pink Santa hat :)

I just realized that Charlie is in desperate need of a haircut lol! Poor thing must not be able to see well with all that hair in his face!

We put Charlie in his little Santa suit. He hated it so much he refused to move and decided to curled up into a ball and stayed there until we took the suit off him lol

 One of the things I got is the Naked 3 Palette :)

 My new favourite Naked palette!

 Here's the close up of the colours. How amazing and beautiful are they?!? I am in love!

& the MAC Bad Girl Riri lipstick from the Riri Hearts MAC Holiday Collection!

It's a rose gold christmas for me!

And I got my first Topshop lipsticks!

 L to R: Topshop Pillow Talk, Topshop Infrared, MAC Bad Girl Riri

I hope really hope you guys enjoy some photos I've shared :) Once again merry xmas! Sending lots of love and light your way xoxo :)

from Film, with love