Saturday, 28 December 2013

Holiday Haul

Hello beauties! Long time no talk. I was so busy with the rest of the Fall semester this school year and I have just been taking some time off and relax this winter holiday! I found a few photos on my laptop on my Lush goodies about a month ago (haha oops!), some Sephora and a little tiny sneaky Chanel love :) I figure I wanted to share it with you guys anyway because I obviously took these photos for a reason ;) better late than never, right?

From Lush ...

Some of these are part of the Christmas collection that Lush came out with every single year :)

 The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar

 This is the Gold FUN (sweet honey-toffee). Smells just like the Ma Bar (below). I mainly use this along with my bath bombs and bubble bars when I have a bath. I break little chucks of it so I was able to use this many, many times.

Father Christmas Bath Bomb - my most festive bath bomb yet

The Ma Bar is hands down, my all-time favourite Bubble Bar from Lush! The cocoa and honey toffee is p-e-r-f-e-c-t-i-o-n. (Fun fact: I like to dunk my dog in the bath after I've gotten out of it so that he smells like the Ma Bar for the next 2 weeks haha!)

The girl at the Lush counter gave me a sample slice of soap! I don't remember what this soap is exactly but I liked it!

Next, from Sephora ...

I've had my eye on the Anastasia Lavish Palette since it came out for the Fall season. It was limited edition and the colours are absolutely perfect for the Fall time. It is so different from all the other palettes I own so this is a nice investment and a great add to my palette collection.

 I've heard so many good things about Anastasia's tweezers. As you can see, one came with the palette along with a dark brown eyebrow pencil, a black eyeliner and a small brush.

Here are the colours in the palette. I love the fall-toned colours. Absolutely beautiful :)

When it comes eye shadow palettes, the crème de la crème is thLorac Pro Palette. I never really wanted it because I've owned all the Urban Decay Naked Palettes (got the Naked 3 for Christmas! :)) but after a lot of youtube tutorials later, I've bitten the bullet and decided to get it. And boy was I not disappointed. The quality of the eye shadows in this palette is unreal. It blends smoothly. The colours are very pigmented. Not gonna lie to you, I've been neglecting my Nakeds and been reaching out for this bad boy a lot this past couple of months since I've gotten it.

 It comes with a mini eye primer too; which to be honest, I have yet to try.

 Gorgeous, gorgeous neutrals. Perfect for everyday and more!

 Last but not least, my sneaky little trip to the Chanel counter. After hearing so much about it and being oh-so-curious, I HAD to try it. Behold, the Soleil Tan de Chanel.

I don't own anything like it. I use it on my face before I apply my powder bronzer. It is so smooth and feel so luxurious on your skin. A little definitely goes a long way. I feel like I'll be having this little beauty for quite a while.

So that wraps up my holiday haul (purchased within the last 2 and a half month time frame). I've used everything I bought and I love them all! Thank you for stopping by and until next time!

from Film with love,

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