Thursday, 11 July 2013

Summer Essentials

So we are currently in the heart of summer (hi July! I can't believe we are already more than half way through this year, 2013! Crazy!), I would like to show you guys what I called my summer essentials.

So whether I am going to the beach or simply up to my roof to tan (I live in a beautiful apartment building and even though I have an adorable little balcony, it is simply too small to lay out), these are what I take with me.

First and foremost, a beach towel! I got mine from Winners. It is by Cynthia Rowley. I absolutely love the print and its fun colors. This is by far my all-time favorite beach towel to date!

Next is probably one of the most important thing you should always bring (and use!) when you're out and about in the sun: sunscreen. That's right. I know, I know, everyone have preached the importance of sunscreen over and over. But to be totally honest with you, I myself have never been one to use it. They are so thick and sticky and I just hate them .. especially when you want to lay out on the beach ... hel-lo?! I don't want to roll around on my towel with a sticky body where sand is going stick all over you. Nuh-uh. No thank you.

But behold .... after much researching (yes, I actually researched for sunscreen) I have come across this : 

This baby right here is by a brand called Coola. It has SPF 35, is a spray (easy to use and non sticky!), smells totally delicious (Pina Colada! Who doesn't love the smell of coconut?), and on top of it all, ORGANIC! (score!)

This 180 ML bottle of goodness cost me $25.30 CA (it was so hard to find around where I live, but luckily I found one at a local massage and spa place. It was on sale as well! (good timing or what?). But you can find it online here. I wanted to try their other scent Citrus Mimosa too but they didn't have them at the place I went to. That's okay though because I love my Pina Colada one :) Oh, they also have an unscented one if you like yours to be completely au naturale! 

Now, I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about tanning by laying out in the sun. Since where I live, we only get to see (and feel) the sun for a total of 2 months (3 if we're lucky ... 2 weeks if we're talking about this year so far) in a year, I like to lay out as much as I can. I don't go to tanning beds but I do use sunless tanner during the colder months. When I do lay out, these are the products I use.

Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil is what I reach for before I lay out. I'm not too crazy about tanning oils and have not used it enough to tell a difference so I wouldn't worry about it too much when it comes to summer essentials but I thought I'd mention it anyway!

At the end of the day when I got home from the beach or wherever I laid out I usually take a quick shower to wash off all the sweat and the occasional sand that might stick on me. After I get out of the shower, I reach for my Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun Lotion. This stuff is hands down the best ever! I love the smell (coconut papaya!) and how hydrating it is. Most importantly, it does not leave my skin feeling sticky like most lotions do afterward. As you can see, I am almost all out of it. I love and use this stuff so much - this is my second bottle this summer!

Next, you can't forget your sunglasses and a big floppy beach hat! They are a necessity as you need to protect your face and eyes from the hot sun!

My sunglasses are Ray-Ban Aviators from the Sunglass Hut. I got my wide brim floppy hat from Icing. Turquoise/mint is my new favorite color and I love the color accent and rhinestone trim (very Kardashian! ;)) the hat has.

I always bring lip balm with me everywhere I go and I really like EOS lip balm in Summer Fruit. It keeps my lips hydrated and smooth and taste oh-so-good as well.

I also like to bring something light to read with me. I usually go for magazines. They are always fun. I recently picked up the latest issue of Teen Vogue. I don't remember the last time I read Teen Vogue but Emma Watson was on the cover and I've always love her so I figure I might as well pick it up.

Sometimes I'll take my ipod with me. But I always listen to music on my phone anyway, so ipods aren't really necessary. I found this beast recently (I've had this classic ipod forever ago and I thought I lost it but nope, it's been in my gym bag all along!) I decided to throw it in my beach bag.

Last but not least, we must never forget to bring water with us! This is more important than sunscreen in my opinion. Remember to always stay hydrated :)

PS. Can you see one of my hair on Emma Watson's face. LOL, major fail. I swear, I shed soooo much you could make a wig out of how much hair I shed everyday. It drives my boyfriend absolutely crazy. My hair is everywhere and pretty much in every thing. Hahaha, oops. Well .. what can I say, long hair don't care? ;)

Until next time,

                        from Film, with love

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  1. Love the hat, it's so pretty.

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