Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Chapter 1 of 365


I hope this is your year - filled with love, health, and happiness! I hope your dreams come true this year. I hope you'll fall in love or even deeper in love if you're already spoken for ;). I hope you find yourself. I hope you become the person you always wanted to be. I hope you reach your goals. I hope you conquer your fear. I hope you get what you want. 

I'd like to share some photos from last night when we were out celebrating my boyfriend's birthday and countdown on New Year's Eve. Enjoy! x

Getting ready for a long night out!

 We had a reservation at a sushi restaurant - Mike's favourite

After dinner, we went for drinks.

My handsome birthday boy!

 There was a live jazz band too last night. They were amazing!

Took this when the clock striked midnight :) Happy New Year everyone!

Until next time, from Film with love, xx