Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Haul: The Body Shop, Lush, and Victoria's Secret

Hello, hello! Today I have a beauty haul for you from The Body Shop, Lush, and Victoria's Secret!

I stopped by The Body Shop because I haven't been there in so long and they were having these deals (buy 1 get 10% off, buy 2 get 20% off, buy 3 get 30%) so of course I had to take advantage and picked up some new things to try!

The first item I got is this Banana Conditioner. First of all I love the smell of bananas and I have never seen or heard of this product before so naturally I have to try this out! They also have the shampoo version of this but as I am currently using my Redken All-Soft Shampoo (and I'm loving it .. as much as my hair needs it), I only wanted to try out the Banana Conditioner. (I found out that the Banana Shampoo is actually a bestseller so I'll have to pick it up the next time I go back to try it out!)

The next thing I got is this Mini Shea Body Scrub. This is actually for my boyfriend because he wanted a "hand exfoliator" (LOL) so he picked this one out in the store as it smells really nice and works really well!

The last thing I got from The Body Shop is the Honey Bronze Shimmer Lip Balm. (I don't know if this is a limited edition product because I couldn't find it anywhere on their website.)

Can we please just take a look at the packaging of this little thing? I love it so much! It is mostly colorless (a teeny bit bronzy in color but does not have any honey scent) and has really subtle gold shimmer! It is a lip balm so it is very moisturizing! I almost want to go back and pick up another one of this just in case it is limited edition.

Next I went to Lush. They just brought back (by popular demand) Let the Good Times Roll Facial Cleanser.

I have never tried Lush's face products before (I've only been in love with their Bubble Bars, particularly Ma Bar - something about this scent gets me every.single.time. After I'm done taking my bath using the Ma Bar I used to drop my puppy in after so that he smells freaking amazing afterwards haha don't know if you can do that but hey, the scent lingers on him for 2 weeks after so I'm not complaining!)

Let the Good Times Roll smells like cookie dough. I don't know how else to describe it. It is actually quite a gentle exfoliator as well so I use it in the shower (on my body) as well as my face and I smell like a walking dessert! I highly recommend you to go to Lush and take a big sniff and try it out!

Next I went to Victoria's Secret to check out their makeup & beauty department. I haven't been there in a while as well so I am curious to see if they have any new products out. I saw these two in store, swatched it on my hands and then I was sold.

The VS Pro Magic FX Transforming Pearl Eye Quad is a beautiful eyeshadow quad containing 4 soft, pastel pink, gold, lilac, and green colors to be used for layering on top of other eyeshadows, to wear on its own or as a highlight. They are opalescent, light, and shimmery. I don't own anything like this before and I thought they are way too beautiful to pass up!


Here is a swatch of the colors. How gorgeous and unique are they?!

The last thing I picked up is the VS Pro Magic FX Holographic Lip Shimmer. It is light-reflective, shimmery, and duo chrome-y .. I just had to!

Once again I don't own any lip glosses like this, so I wanted to try :)

There are 3 different colors: Prismatic Gold (which is the one I got), Prismatic Lilac, and Prismatic Pink!

 Doe-foot applicator

 A swatch of the Holographic Lip Shimmer!

I think it is safe to say I'm a sucker for anything duo chrome and prismatic! They're honestly so pretty and surprisingly non-sticky! I had a hard time deciding between this gold one and the lilac one because I fell in love with them both equally but I ended up going for the gold one. I think it will look soo good if you dab this in the center of your lips for that extra umf, don't you think? ;)

Once again I hope you enjoy my haul! I really need to stop shopping but who am I kidding? hahaha! what's life without a bit of fun! Thank you so much for reading and have an awesome, be-youtiful day ;)

Until next time,
from Film with love xoxo


  1. I actually got the banana conditioner myself the other day and love it. I didn't see the lip conditioner, it looks fab :)


  2. I love the body shop and lush!! =)