Friday, 6 September 2013

Mini Haul: MAC, Victoria's Secret, and GNC

Hi everyone! Summer is coming to an end (back to school next Monday) I decided to go shopping with my good and ever so beautiful friend Jessica and her boyfriend Dylan (who makes sick beats  check him out here!).

All in all we had a very successful shopping trip as we got everything we wanted and more! Who doesn't love successful shopping days?

Here is what we got today:

Our first stop was MAC, of course. Since Jessica is a makeup artist (check out her work! she is super talented, and show her some love by following her on her facebook page:)), she gets incredible discounts with her pro card :) Earlier, we were talking about getting some new lipsticks we've both been lusting after so we went in and try on many different ones and we ended up getting these:

From left to right: Diva, Morange, Snob, Dark Side, Modesty

Personally, I was looking for a dark red color. I already have my Rebel lipstick which I absolutely adore, especially for the Fall and Winter. But I was looking for something more red and much darker, as Rebel was more berry and pinkish. I looked around and stumbled across 2 that I had my eye on: Dark Side and Diva. I saw the swatches online and they looked pretty similar. I couldn't decide which one I truly wanted so I went ahead and tried it on my lips at the store. I ended up liking Dark Side more because it is an amplified creme as opposed to Diva, which is a matte. Both colors are equally beautiful but I prefer a slight sheen in the finish than a matte one.

Jess got Diva as she prefers the matte finish. She also tried on a few different ones in store and ended up getting Morange (which looks so bright and beautiful on her), Snob (a beautiful barbie pink), and Modesty (a perfect nude for her). All the colors are so beautiful and here are the swatches for all the ones we got:

Beside the lipsticks, Jessica also got an eyeshadow because she wanted a nice blending color. She picked Soft Brown in a pro palette refill pan (this is also on my wish list! But I've been loving my Naked Basics palette for now and I've been using the color Naked 2 as my blending color, which I talked about in my previous post here).

Jess also pick up some brushes: #195 Concealer Brush and #217 Blending Brush. I've never own any brushes from MAC before so I'll have to ask her what her favorite ones are so I can go pick some up for myself :)

Next, we went to Victoria's Secret because we've heard good things about their self-tanners and we were curious to try. Jessica ended up getting the Self-Tanning Tinted Lotion which was only $15 (a really good price for a self-tanner in my opinion!) and it must be their best-seller as the tube she picked up was the last one left in store. Once they have it back in stock I will definitely swing by and pick it up because I love the way it smells (brings me back good summer memories) when I tried it out in the store!

Last but not least, we head over to GNC because I read somewhere about castor oil and its benefits, especially in growing and lengthening eyelashes (mix half of coconut oil and half of castor oil in a little bottle, dip a clean mascara wand in and apply to your eyelashes every night before you go to bed - it's supposed to work wonders but we'll soon find out. i'll keep you guys updated!).

Unfortunately I was unable to find direct links through the GNC website but you can find each of the products above on their respective websites. 

We decided to share a bottle of Now Solutions Castor Oil as it is such a big bottle and a little goes a long way. Jess also picked up Nature's Way Organic Coconut Oil (I already have the same one at home and I love it!).

Each oil has incredible benefits and multiple usage. You can use coconut oil for cooking or you can apply it directly to your skin as a moisturizer. As with castor oil, you can also use it (along with coconut oil) for your hair, massaging it to your scalp and to aid in repairing dry and damaged ends.

I highly recommend getting these oils. Whether you are simply ingesting them for their numerous health benefits or for other uses that I mentioned above, it is worth every penny.

I hope you enjoy today's haul and find my posts useful :) Until next time,

from Film with love,



  1. Great post! All the lipstick shades look great.

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